Interview with Dietmar Krämer - The Rise of Kundalini

The Rise of Kundalini

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Interview with Dietmar Krämer

International Kundalini Congress 2016

1. What is Kundalini energy? (Holistic view from different disciplines and perspectives)

Kundalini is a wonderful energy that helps me have deeper and more fulfilled meditations. At the same time it gives you a more precise and differentiated awareness for the different subtle levels, which you didn't have before. Therefore it is a very precious energy for me which I can use for my work as a spiritual healer. A number of therapies, which I know use routinely in my praxis, wouldn't have been possible without Kundalini. However, I have to add that Kundalini doesn't just supply you with these skills. Instead you have to train them under the supervision of spiritual leaders and then apply them while working with patients also under their supervision first. From this perspective Kundalini seems like a white page which has to be written on individually.

The question which has to be asked in this context is ,,What is Kundalini exactly?" In In India exist two different approaches: In Hinduism Kundalini is seen as a power of Shiva. Within the Hindu trinity, Shiva is the god of destruction. He is the one who will be dismantle the universe back into its pieces one day. At the same time he is our teacher. He helps us to reach our "home" again by dissolving our attachment to the materialistic world. Kundalini burns our attachment which can be seen as a destructive process. And it is being perceived as one if this power is too strong or if body, spirit and soul are not prepared for it yet which happens in Kundalini crises. This is something I had to experience myself in 1998 when my Kundalini awoke during a live-threatening cardiac disease. Even though I was mentally prepared, my body was in acute mortal danger. This was a strange state of uncertainty in which I was on the one hand blissfully happy due to the incredible experiences I made due to Kundalini (in my bed at night there was pure daylight around me, I heard a loud rushing or thunder like from a waterfall while an exciting unknown energy was moving up my back). On the other hand, every activation of the Kundalini caused pressure on my breast combined with dizziness and numbness which most frequently announced the next attach of tachyarrhythmia which could have become life-threatening due to the cardiacdisease which broke out before the Kundalini awoke.

Shakti in Hinduism is the female pendant for Trimurti, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu in one person. She is a divine power which helps to deal with Kundalini and it´s dangerous effects. I'm convinced that my dedication to Shakti saved my life back then when I had to wait for three months before I was able to go to Brazil where my teachers, who taught me spiritual healing, where able to treat me. They taught me how to treat Kundalini crises. Within Tantra Shiva symbolises our consciousness and resides in the 7th Chakra over our head. Shakti is known as a power of creation and rests in our radicular Chakra until she awakes as Kundalini and rises up through our Sushumna (the "Kundalini canal"). When she reaches the Sahasrara Chakra she unites with Shiva which, according to Tantra literature, leads to immediate enlightenment. This statement unfortunately often leads to a spiritual greed which causes some to put themselves in danger by overdoing their yoga and meditation exercises on purpose in order to awake the Kundalini as fast as possible.

2. How can a person deal with existential crisis combined with an awakening of Kundalini?

The best thing would be to avoid the Kundalini awaking to early by ensuring to do your yoga and meditation exercises correctly based on the teacher's advice without accelerating or prolonging them. If you can feel exciting sensations in your pelvic area during energy or breathing exercises you should take a break from your exercises for a few days or weeks until everything has calmed down again.

If it is already too late, here are a few important measures: First of all you should avoid everything that activates the Kundalini, that means which lets her rise up from her rest and increases her intensity a hundredfold. This can lead to massive problems during Kundalini crises. Thus, the most important thing is to immediately stop doing any kind of meditational techniques because they expedite the Kundalini further. The same thing holds for singing mantras which has an immediate impact on the Kundalini was well.

Secondly I have to mention controlling negative emotions since Kundalini increases them enormously. Fear can quickly lead to panic and panic to paranoia. Thus, it is very important to control your negative feelings due to the awakening of the Kundalini. Feelings of fear have to be rejected even when you're feeling quite bad and are afraid you won't be able to get through this crisis. You will need to trust in god and for those who don't have any religious connection it will be especially hard However, you should also not exaggerate here and pray for hours at a time since this also activates the Kundalini. The simplest and best method is to feel secure in the presence of a worshipped god and to make yourself aware of it.

The third advice is a little delicate since many people practicing yoga are vegetarians and eating meat is breaking a taboo for them. This is also not a word of advice from me but from Gopi Krishna, the most well-known author on Kundalini. An acquaintance of mine which was unable to work due to the awakening of his Kundalini and who hadn't recovered even after many years, visited Gopi Krishna who was in Germany at the time writing a book with the physicist Carl-Friedrich von Weizäcker called ,,Biological basis of experiencing believes". Gopi Krishna confirmed that his Kundalini was actually awake and gave him the advice to eat meat in order to earth himself. I have passed this word of advice on to people looking for help at my praxis and they told me afterwards, that they feel more stabile. It is not possible to give generalised advice. The most important thing is restoring the psychological balance. Here you can use herbal medications, or homeopathic ones or even essential oils. I personally prefer Bach Flowers, with which I have had the best experiences in the context of "New Therapies with Bach Flowers" developed by me. Especially using the Bach flowers on the corresponding skin areas helps you achieve fast relief of both emotional and physical problems in the treated areas. If severe symptoms Like muscle cramps, muscle convulsions and neuropathic pains are present you should check if deficiency symptoms are present. For example vitamin B deficiency can cause neuropathic pains and magnesium deficiency can cause muscle cramps which are comparable to those during Kundalini crises. This can be revoked quickly after respective substitutions.

The Kundalini itself cannot be influenced by these methods only the symptoms of her rampage. Spiritual healing allows a more direct healing approach but requires an appropriate qualification. Simply using Reiki or Prana healing to supply energy doesn't have a helpful influence on Kundalini.

3. What was the biggest challenge that you have faced on your path and what are the three things that helped you and your clients the most?

The first challenge is to deal with everyday Life. I find it important to remain grounded in your normal Life despite having chosen a spiritual path. This means to take care of old friendships and also to be connected with “normal” people who don’t follow a spiritual path. Their advice in times of spiritual crisis can be more valuable as the advice of one who is on the same practice and maybe makes the same mistakes. That would be the second point. Many people practicing yoga pull away from their own family because they think they have evolved further than their non-meditating family members or ever their partners. However, these are the only people that really care for our wellbeing. Companions that share our path only care about this and if we're not able to continue on this path we are of no interest to them anymore and quite often they pull away. Our partner on the other hand will always have our back. He knows our weaknesses and can both support us and correct us if we got stuck somewhere.

The third thing is the engagement in everyday things in order to dissolve a too strong fixation on our spiritual path. This includes going to movies or a concert with our spiritual path. This includes going to movies or a concert with our partner or our friends and reading fiction like suspense, thriller or satire. On the one hand we take away the pressure to perform by forcing us to only read sophisticated literature which helps us on our spiritual path and on the other hand we shorten the inner distance we have to other people. Suddenly we can take part in conversations again and feel secure in their presence.

4. Where do you think the transformation process within the people and on the earth will lead?

Having worked for about two decades with people in Kundalini crises, I can only say one thing about transformation: an end is not foreseeable. Since meditation is a lot deeper with Kundalini I would imagine that it leads to one's self but even after almost 50 years of meditation and more than 20 years of Kundalini I haven't completed this process.

5. Would you like to share a message with the audience?

Three words come to my mind and they are from Babaji: Love, Simplicity, Truth.Next

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