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Dietmar Kraemer
Dietmar Kraemer, born in 1957, noticed his own sensitivity at the age of 15. His touch with nature and the desire to help others induced him to finish his studies of Physics at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany after intermediate diploma and to begin an alternative health education. His acquired knowledge led to a systematic research within the scope of natural medicine. In 1987 he discovered the Bach Flower Skin Zones, emotional reflex zones like the zones on the feet, which make the therapy with Flower Essences much more effective and enable direct treatment of physical afflictions.

His book New Bach Flower Body Maps was a big success and was translated into several languages. Meanwhile, he has presented his work in more than 450 workshops, lectures at alternative health congresses and on TV. Research on aromatic oils, healing crystals, healing colours and sounds, Acupuncture meridians and chakras followed and was published in several books.

From 1983 - 2022 he worked as a naturopath in his own medical practice. From 1984 - 1989 he taught at the natural medical schools in Wuerzburg and Frankfurt, Germany. In 1997 he founded the "International Center for New Therapies", which operates in ten countries and in eight languages, teaching the results of his research. In 1998 he followed an invitation to Brazil in order to learn spiritual healing, which has become his focus since then. Inspired by his experiences he started an intense research on this topic, and several spiritual books followed. In total he wrote 15 books.

Bach Flower Body Maps
New Bach Flower Therapies and Body Maps. Copyright © 2017 by Dietmar Krämer, Hanau. Germany.
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