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New Bach Flower Therapies

This new therapeutic concept is based on three principal elements

Consideration of the Relationship among the Flowers

Through the relationship of the flowers to each other (the "tracks") it is possible to determine which flower covers the superficial side of a problem and which focuses more on the deeper cause. In this way a new hierarchy is created, one that will determine the therapy to follow. This hierarchy is especially helpful when a patient needs many flowers, which can make it difficult to find a starting point. Once the acute problems have diminished, it is possible with the help of this hierarchy to determine which of the deeper negative emotional states have led to the present complaints. It is then possible, if desired, to continue the therapy with the appropriate flowers to open up the mind.

Diagnosis through the Bach Flower Body Maps

Every Bach Flower Remedy is related to an area on the surface of the body - similar to the foot reflex zones. Negative moods lead to a change of energetic structure in these places, which often is accompanied by pain anddisturbing sensations. Thus, solely by pinpointing the areas on the body map it is possible to obtain a flower diagnosis.

Application of the Flowers to the Skin

Through a direct application to the disturbed areas it is possible to increase the effect of the flowers tremendously. Not only is it possible to improve negative emotional states much faster in this way than through oral tinctures, but the physical complaints often ease immediately as well. Bach Flower Therapy is thus not only a soul cleanser "to harmonize the psyche", as often stated, but also a therapy for the treatment of physical ailments.

Excerpt from: Dietmar Kraemer, New Bach Flower Therapies,
Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont. ISBN 0-89281-529-9

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New Bach Flower Therapies and Body Maps. Copyright © 2017 by Dietmar Krämer, Hanau. Germany.
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